This Dining Establishment Will Leave You Feeling Pink

In the eyes of one who loves pink, “I see heaven”.

This awesomeness of a restaurant called the Bayside Skillet sits in one of the most popular travel destinations in Ocean City, Maryland! They are open all year round and have been established since July 5th, 1977!

“I give it five stars for its lovely pink decor, its food and its staff.”

Now, not only does the Bayside Skillet remind me of my younger years, it has the most delicious sangria and freshly squeezed orange juice! And, I must add that its food its so yummy!

When drive in the parking lot and as you look for a space, you can see the pink hand painted parking blocks with little painted strawberries! So cute.

Pink tablecloths cover the tables with mugs that you may purchase.

You absolutely must eat at the Bayside Skillet in Ocean City Maryland!

Bayside Skillet Deck

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